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history of locust grove farm

This beautiful scenic land, once roamed and known only by the Native Americans, came into possession of Major Thomas Walker through a patent granted by the King of England on February 26, 1665.  Still owned by the Walker family, they have been able to pass this land on from generation to generation for over 300 years.
Wedding at Locust Grove

Sitting high on the Mattaponi River, one can see and sense the beauty and history of this land.  Many of the Walkers can tell you that some of their ancestors have never left this place and still wander through the old white brick home.

Peaceful, tranquil and serene are the words that best describe Locust Grove.  After spending an afternoon walking around the many fields, exploring the hardwood forests, or just sitting along the river bank, we think you will wholeheartedly agree.

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Walker Family History

Major Thomas Walker was born in England in 1625 and moved to  Gloucester County, Virginia about 1650 and was a member of House of Burgesses, Gloucester Co, 1660-1676.  He was a member of the Colonial Assembly from Gloucester Co., Va. in 1663 as captain; in 1666 as major.

The 2350 acres on which Fort Mattaponi was built was assigned to Edward Digges in 1653.
On Feb. 26, 1665 the tract was reassigned to Major Thomas Walker.

In 1702  John Walker deeded 40 acres for a town which was named Walkerton.  John  Walker was Sheriff of King & Queen Co., in 1704 and later he was sheriff of St. Stephens Parish.

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1665 land grant from King of England

1710 the first house along the river was built

1773 House rebuilt after a fire

1867 Kitchen and room above porch were added

1954 Wing added onto house


 May 15, 2021- The Arts & Wine Festival at Locust Grove
590 Locust Grove Lane, Walkerton, Virginia 23177     Phone: 1-804-769-8201

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